Day 8.

I’ve been slacking on everything! I haven’t worked out or posted! Sorry! Update at a week though I have lost 7 lbs and 1 in around! Awesome right?? I know it’s mostly water weight but I am excited anyway. My energy is great! All around I just kind of feel better. I am still really hungry a majority of the time so I am working on that!

For food, I found an awesome chicken salad recipe that I am loving. I just used paleo mayonnaise instead and added kalamata olives. You can find the recipe here.

Looks so yummy!


Obviously I am not having it with bread but it is so easy to take to work and it is really good alone! Definitely something to try if you haven’t!


Day 5.

Still not able to get up at 7 am no matter what I do! But, my energy is starting to come back! Thank god!  I did get my workout in today though. I did a 20 min HIIT ab workout which felt pretty good. I feel like I got a good workout in a sort amount of time but it wasn’t killing me (it probably should have been though).


Meals have mostly consisted of leftovers, so not too much to report there. I’ve been trying to curb my cravings with teas. And I think I found one! Tazo Sweet Cinnamon Spice. It has a hint of sweetness that most teas don’t. Combine this with a peach tea and it would be like drinking a peach crisp (which I totally want right now!).

Hopefully soon, I’ll start the Konmari method. It would be nice if my room wasn’t a dark cave before I started though (my light bulb blew and ruined my fixture :().

Day 4.

I am still failing miserably at trying to get up at 7 am. Although, I did get my workout in first thing. 45 mins of cardio flew by (mostly because I was watching Friday Night Lights). But I am sore all over from the last three days (which feels great!). My energy level is picking up a little bit which has me excited although the cravings have begun! UGH, I’ve wanted bread, danishes, ice cream and maybe some cookies all day long. So instead I made some peach cherry tea. It is sort of doing the job. I did find something called Arctic Zero. I can’t have it on the detox but it’s definitely going to be something I have after the detox!

Food today has been pretty uneventful as well. I didn’t follow my meal plan because I have so many leftovers from what I have made during the week. But can I just say this uncured bacon is great! I have been loving every piece! It is a little harder to cook considering I hate when the fat is still chewing. It’s Ninman Ranch Applewood Smoked from Harmons. So good.


Day 3.

Ugh. If I could just sleep all day I would. I didn’t get up on time today either. Although, that could have something to do with trying to still have a normal social life (staying out until 2 am doesn’t encourage early rising). Being so tired is making it really hard to be productive in the other areas I have been trying to change, but I am pushing through. Today is arms day with 30 mins speed walking on the elliptical.


I found this beginners arm workout on pinterest (cause let’s face it, no matter how in shape I’ve been in the past, at this point I am a beginner). I did the circuit three times though.

OMG the food today was amazing. For lunch I had BLT lettuce wraps with sweet potato fritters. The BLT wraps are so simple and if you have crisp lettuce you won’t even miss the bread! I used one piece of bacon, a slice of tomato and about a teaspoon of paleo sugar-free mayo (I found some at Harmon’s so I didn’t need to make it myself! Yay!). Seriously, these wraps are crave worthy. The sweet potato fritters were also great! They reminded me of a pancake and would make a great breakfast with bacon and an over easy egg! You can find the recipe here.

How good does that look?

Dinner had to have been the best. We had jalapeno turkey burgers topped with guacamole and roasted cabbage with onion Dijon sauce.  So, so good! Here’s a link to the turkey burgers and you can find the cabbage here.

So overall, day 3 wasn’t too bad in terms of the sugar detox. In detoxing the rest of my life? Eh, we will work on it!


Day 2.

Who knew having no sugar would make me so damn tired? I could not pull myself out of bed in time to get a workout in before work. Seriously, I have had like zero energy all day. I am hoping as the detox progresses my energy levels will improve drastically. They better. But don’t worry I still had time for a HIIT leg workout!


This doesn’t look too hard right? Wrong. This really did kick my butt. Kinda pathetic I know. My abs are actually pretty sore from yesterdays workout too so we will see if this had the same effect on my legs!

I pretty much ate leftovers of everything I had yesterday. They were super easy to take to work and way quick when I got home feeling ravenous. I cannot stay full! Hopefully that’ll change soon too!

Day 1.

Day 1 is off to a great start! I got up a little later than planned (I’m hoping for 7 am but ended up rolling out of bed around 8:30 am). But I got my workout in. 30 mins on my elliptical, starting out slow so I only did a brisk walk. Then worked out my abs. While I am getting started, each resistance workout is something I just pull from pinterest (which omg I am obsessed follow me!) Here is what I did for my abs today!


Now for the food! Can I just say it has been sooo good? Like surprisingly so. I have the same thing for breakfast everyday. I’m totally fine with no variety there plus it’s filling and tastes great.


The spaghetti squash has got to be the best thing I’ve eaten in awhile. I seriously loved it. It reminds me of eating pasta with marinara sauce and could totally fulfill my cravings for carbs! Here’s a link to the recipe.

Spaghetti Squash with Tomato Basil Cream Sauce

Seriously though, how good does that look?


Overall I feel like day one has been a success! I got my workout in, stuck to my detox and avoided my cravings. I am extremely excited for this journey and all the changes to come. Don’t worry, I’ll post everyday during the detox! 😉




I made the decision to be done living the way I have been. I’ve been unhappy for quite some time now not only with myself but with my life and I’m done. I decided to make a change. Today I start over, I become a whole new me. One day at a time. I’m starting this blog for accountability and records of the progress and struggles I face while transforming my life.

So here I am today at 170 lbs, waist of 34 in, hips of 43 in, thighs of 24 in and arms of 12.5 in. I’ve started my month of reconstruction. Today marks the first day of my 21 day sugar detox. Along with the detox I created a 21 day workout plan along with starting the KonMari method. (The KonMari method is a type of tidying up coming from the book The Life Changing Method Of Tidying Up. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest it!) The 21 days should help to form good healthy habits, from cooking healthy meals to exercise to clearing the clutter from my environment and mind.