I made the decision to be done living the way I have been. I’ve been unhappy for quite some time now not only with myself but with my life and I’m done. I decided to make a change. Today I start over, I become a whole new me. One day at a time. I’m starting this blog for accountability and records of the progress and struggles I face while transforming my life.

So here I am today at 170 lbs, waist of 34 in, hips of 43 in, thighs of 24 in and arms of 12.5 in. I’ve started my month of reconstruction. Today marks the first day of my 21 day sugar detox. Along with the detox I created a 21 day workout plan along with starting the KonMari method. (The KonMari method is a type of tidying up coming from the book The Life Changing Method Of Tidying Up. If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest it!) The 21 days should help to form good healthy habits, from cooking healthy meals to exercise to clearing the clutter from my environment and mind.



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