Day 3.

Ugh. If I could just sleep all day I would. I didn’t get up on time today either. Although, that could have something to do with trying to still have a normal social life (staying out until 2 am doesn’t encourage early rising). Being so tired is making it really hard to be productive in the other areas I have been trying to change, but I am pushing through. Today is arms day with 30 mins speed walking on the elliptical.


I found this beginners arm workout on pinterest (cause let’s face it, no matter how in shape I’ve been in the past, at this point I am a beginner). I did the circuit three times though.

OMG the food today was amazing. For lunch I had BLT lettuce wraps with sweet potato fritters. The BLT wraps are so simple and if you have crisp lettuce you won’t even miss the bread! I used one piece of bacon, a slice of tomato and about a teaspoon of paleo sugar-free mayo (I found some at Harmon’s so I didn’t need to make it myself! Yay!). Seriously, these wraps are crave worthy. The sweet potato fritters were also great! They reminded me of a pancake and would make a great breakfast with bacon and an over easy egg! You can find the recipe here.

How good does that look?

Dinner had to have been the best. We had jalapeno turkey burgers topped with guacamole and roasted cabbage with onion Dijon sauce.  So, so good! Here’s a link to the turkey burgers and you can find the cabbage here.

So overall, day 3 wasn’t too bad in terms of the sugar detox. In detoxing the rest of my life? Eh, we will work on it!



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