Day 4.

I am still failing miserably at trying to get up at 7 am. Although, I did get my workout in first thing. 45 mins of cardio flew by (mostly because I was watching Friday Night Lights). But I am sore all over from the last three days (which feels great!). My energy level is picking up a little bit which has me excited although the cravings have begun! UGH, I’ve wanted bread, danishes, ice cream and maybe some cookies all day long. So instead I made some peach cherry tea. It is sort of doing the job. I did find something called Arctic Zero. I can’t have it on the detox but it’s definitely going to be something I have after the detox!

Food today has been pretty uneventful as well. I didn’t follow my meal plan because I have so many leftovers from what I have made during the week. But can I just say this uncured bacon is great! I have been loving every piece! It is a little harder to cook considering I hate when the fat is still chewing. It’s Ninman Ranch Applewood Smoked from Harmons. So good.



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